This User Guide is organized as follows:

  • Getting Started -  Provides an introduction to AcceλerateTM for Microsoft 365 and its key concepts, instructions for installing and registering your licensed software, where to get support, and how to get around in Acceλerate.   

  • Becoming Productive - In this section, we describe in more detail the Lambda functions we provide and how to use them.  This is where you will explore the user interface features more thoroughly and from a task-oriented point of view. 

  • Tutorials-  In the Tutorials section of the Knowledge Base, you will find multiple tutorials that provide two very good examples of how to use Acceλerate for Microsoft 365, with detailed, step by step instructions to follow in order to achieve the goal of making you comfortable using the Lambda functions in a real-world context.  

  • Resources- Here you will find a list of resources that we believe you will find useful as you explore and grow with Acceλerate for Microsoft 365.

  • Advanced Topics - This section is a primer on more advanced features and includes information on the programming language that we’ve integrated into Acceλerate for Microsoft 365.  Additionally, this section serves as a guide for creating custom functions leveraging .NET and maintaining them as their (re)usefulness becomes more obvious over time.

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